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Photo Credit: Lopamudra Raut The atmosphere in the Great Bo http://naplyrics.com/Bhole-O-Bhole-Too-Rutha-Dil-Tuta-lyrics ss house is modifying at lightening speed plus ironically, it all started with the Hostel task, where the housemates had to express their love for each other. Quite a few associations went sour post the job and the latest to be on loggerheads are- Priyanka Jagga and Lopamudra Raut. This so happened that Lopa entered the room and asked Priyanka to return the clothing they received for the luxurious budget task. Priyanka refused, and said she is unwell. Lopa replied saying the girl did not seem to be unwell, and after that Priyanka lost her outburst. She threw all the clot hes in the pool and this disagreement turned into an ugly combat. Priyanka called Lopa a whore and other crass words. The usually composed plus level-minded Lopa lost the girl cool and she responded in a similar way. Phew! Catch all the actions here!

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